Phil Brown

Philip Charles Brown
Biggleswade Deanery
St Albans Diocese

Skills.  I was trained as a scientist/engineer, but for much of my civil service career I worked as a programme manager.  Hence I am very much the bureaucrat or committee animal.

Passion.  Ministry to rural communities.  I was for 12 years Lay Chair of a semi rural deanery, where agriculture fits into an increasingly dormitory structure, exemplified by the 4 large parishes (out of 19) which contain over 70% of the population.  With very good north-south communications along the A1 corridor and good east-west communications between Cambridge and Bedford, many of the population work outside the Deanery and very few in agriculture.

Secondary – the environment.  As an engineer, my training highlighted the need to improve efficiency and reduce waste.  My passion is that EVERYONE has a personal responsibility to minimise their consumption of the resources provided freely by God.

Phil Brown

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