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Digital Comms for Deaneries

We are still awaiting copyright clearance to publish the video and presentation for this session. In the meantime these links provide much of the material used in the session:

February 2018 Synod:

Digital evangelism and discipleship workshop –

Digital Labs blogs -

Friday 5th October

  • Deaneries and Social Justice

    8:15 PM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Contemplating the World as it is meant to be getting to grips with Social Justice opportunities with +Adrian Newman Download Deaneries and Social Justice Presentation:

Saturday 6th October

  • Setting the Scene

    9:00 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Bishop Mark Tanner Bishop of Berwick Conference consultant
  • Just Praying

    9:15 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Bishop Alison White: Spirituality and social justice: what deaneries can do
  • The BIG church and other animals survey

    10:10 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Bev Botting, Head of Research and Statistics, Church House. What research would support Deaneries with their mission and ministry? An...
  • Digital Comms for Deaneries

    11:00 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Adrian Harris Head of Digital Communications, Church House The role and opportunities for digital communications for Deaneries and parishes and...
  • Citizens UK

    2:00 PM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Citizens UK is the "home of community organising in the UK". It's members include churches, mosques, schools and unions. Over...
  • Developing Deaneries for Mission

    3:00 PM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Developing your Deanery - the York model. Introduced by Ros Brewer with Ven Andy Broom who will take us through...
  • Setting God's People Free

    4:30 PM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Dr Nick Shepherd, Programme Director "Setting God's People Free" will look at three aspects of the SGPF programme and Discipleship...

Sunday 7th October

  • Refections and what next

    9:30 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Bishop Mark Tanner reflects on the conference and what we might do next...  
  • Conference Eucharist Sermon

    11:15 AM
    The Hayes Conference Centre
    Preacher: Revd Mark Aitken, Master, The Royal Foundation of St Katherine
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