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Serving those who serve: Clergy Support Trust in partnership with you and your Deanery

When our vicar or clergy colleagues are not firing on all four cylinders and their ministry begins to suffer, we all feel it. The health and well being of our clergy impacts all of us whether ordained or lay. We all have a role to play to help clergy keep on top of their game.

So how do we enable our clergy brothers and sisters have flourishing and thriving priesthoods?

Ben Cahill-Nicholls

In this Deanery Briefing Ben Cahill-Nicholls from the Clergy Support Trust - the largest and oldest charity serving Anglican ministers and their families – will outline how the trust can respond and support clergy and their families in times of difficulty when the going gets tough.

National Deaneries Conference 2023 – Deanery Briefing LIVE ….. Details released and booking opens

Deaneries ; "simpler, humbler, bolder" - what part should Deaneries play?

Deanery Briefing Live Logo
The Deanery's role in:
Re-Imagining .....   Re-Focusing .....   Re-Connecting ..... Mission and Ministry
The direction is set:  we are aspiring to be Simpler …. Humbler …. and Bolder!
  • A simpler Church, both in governance and structure and in the way we live and share the gospel
  • A humbler Church, recognising our failings and working with others to serve the common good
  • A bolder Church energised and enthused by the good news of what God has done in Jesus Christ and sharing that with everyone.
How can the deaneries respond to the national agenda?

Deanery Briefing LIVE! - the first National Deaneries conference for over four years -

will bring together leaders and experts to tackle head on and delve in deeper with “how to” breakout sessions and workshops addressing key issues to respond to the challenge of the national agenda.

New Deanery Briefing Details Released

The Future of the Church? Rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families

with Dr Sarah Holmes
7:30pm Wednesday 28 September

A new report has revealed that many churches in the UK do not have a plan or strategy in place for reaching out to children and families.

The ‘Do we need a new plan for children’s ministry?' study has revealed that only two per cent of churches in the UK, Brazil, Canada and the US have a clear strategy for children’s and family ministry.

Dr. Sarah Holmes, lecturer at the Liverpool Hope University and co-author of the report, said the results of the research are “alarming”.

In this Deanery Briefing Dr Sarah Holmes will unpack some of the key findings of the study and suggest rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families with examples and changes in our approach to engaging with children and families.

Deanery Briefing Details: Here

About Dr Sarah Holmes

Dr Sarah Holmes

Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility?

Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility?

Download the PowerPoint Slides: (download)

Do we understand what safeguarding is really about, and how it is fundamental to wellbeing, and to a healthy ministry?  Churches try to do the right thing of course, appointing a Safeguarding Officer, and with PCC members and others trained and aware.  But is safeguarding seen as what it really is – everyone’s wellbeing?  In fact, shouldn’t we be focusing on fostering a culture of whole-church safeguarding, and of understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility?

In this Briefing Bishop Joanne, the Bishop of Stepney, leads us through a rethink in order to assure ourselves that we understand what safeguarding and wellbeing actually mean and that everyone is responsible. The webinar reflects on what makes a healthy ministry – lay, ordained, and collaborative.  Do we care enough about the wellbeing of everyone in the church community?  Do the clergy and the lay leaders need more guidance or support?

She looks at the importance and need to understand professional conduct, as well as the definitions of safeguarding, its growing importance to everyone, the need to understand what it means, and the lessons from historic legacy.  Sexuality, intimacy, spirituality are all parts of being human, and we must encompass that in our thinking – to be open and inclusive, but to be aware.

The Briefing reviews some examples of misconduct – how did it happen? how was it allowed to happen? was it hiding in plain sight? was it grooming of individuals or congregations?  We will consider examples of what happens when ministry goes wrong, when boundaries are transgressed or power abused.

Bishop Joanne reflects on Colossians – about being renewed, clothed with the new self, rooted and built up in Christ.

Join us to think through these issues and to reflect on what more your Deanery can or should do to ensure that the people of its member churches, ordained and lay, appreciate the need for a whole-church community culture of wellbeing for all.

Bp Graham Usher on Climate Change


How the church can lead the way on ecological living
Deanery Briefing: 7.30 pm Wednesday 19 January 2022

Whether city, urban or rural the care of creation is at the heart of the Anglican Communion’s marks of mission. Responding to the climate and biodiversity crises that the planet faces is not a luxury in the ministry of the Church but an urgent imperative for our mission.

The UK hosted the UN climate conference COP26 in November last year and churches are being encouraged to raise their voice to speak up about the need to tackle climate change across the whole of society.

The challenge is for churches, schools, deaneries and dioceses to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. It’s not just about numbers and targets.

  • How do we respond to the challenge?
  • As a Church and as part of the global community what practical steps can we make to influence change?
  • How can we make a difference?

In this Deanery Briefing Bishop Graham will outline the Church of England’s Environment Programme and the tools and resources available to equip churches, schools, and dioceses to rise to the challenge of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The Bishop of Norwich, Graham Usher

Bishop Graham leads on the Church of England’s Environment Programme with a charge to lead bold, deliberate, collaborative action across the Church to tackle the grave existential crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Bishop Graham began life as an ecologist studying ecological science at the University of Edinburgh and is a keen beekeeper. He was appointed lead bishop on the Environment Programme in June 2021.

He has written about spirituality and landscape in Places of Enchantment, Meeting God in Landscapes, and his second book, The Way Under Our Feet: A Spirituality of Walking

More on Bishop Graham

Bishop Martin Seeley and The changing shape of Ministry

The new Vision and Strategy is underway but the foundations are already clear: The Church of England must adapt and put its trust in God to become a simpler, humbler, bolder Church that is Jesus Christ centred and Jesus Christ shaped.

  • What will ministry look like in the future?
  • How will it need to adapt?
  • What will it mean for the way we select, train and develop ordained and lay ministers?

With the experiences and the lessons of lockdown, and the unprecedented nature of the last two years, Bishop Martin Seeley looks forward to the ways in which ministry - ordained and lay - is developing for the future.

This will be in the context of the general review of Church strategy being led by the Archbishop of York, of which Bishop Martin is part. Now Bishop of St Eds and Ips (comprising most of Suffolk), Martin is the lead on ministry for the Church, following his previous job as principal of Westcott House theological college and before that a vicar of the Isle of Dogs.

He is an old friend of NDN, having spoken at past conferences. When he was a parish priest in East London he led a review of his own Deanery. The review reflected his continuing belief in the benefits of working together in Deaneries and other groups.

More on Bishop Martin

Liz Morgan and Rachel Roberts – Developing an effective online missional presence

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 22 September

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For many Deaneries and Parishes, the pandemic has meant getting to grips with all things digital and online.

  • Just what makes a successful online presence?
  • How to add a digital presence to enhance our mission and ministry?
  • How do we make use of the available resources and maintain the momentum?

That’s something the Church of England Digital Team have become quite good at. Last year alone one of the prime sites – A Church Near You – received 77 million page views, and the Christmas campaign was one of the most successful co-ordinated digial and print campaigns.

In this Deanery Briefing Rachel Roberts, Senior Digital Communications Manager and Liz Morgan, Church Digital Champion will look at some of the achievements from last year and introduce the 2021 Christmas Campaign and show how deaneries and parishes can make the most of the digital resources this Christmas and how the national team can support your local digital output through the Digital Labs sessions.

Jimmy Dale – Reaching New Generations

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 21 July

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In the last 5 years, the number of churches and parishes with 25 or more under 16s has decreased by 28% and the overall attendance of under 16s has decreased by 20%.

Generation Z (those 18 and under) are the first ever generation in England to be non-churched rather than unchurched.

They do not have the same cultural understanding and baggage in relation to church and what it means to be a Christian.

While this offers a huge missional opportunity, this same generation is exploring faith in new ways within a post Christian culture. We need more innovative and imaginative ways to reach young people.#

In this Deanery Briefing Jimmy Dale delve into how do we engage with todays young people and what works and what doesn't work?

Yvonne Tulloch: Bereavement Support – the Need and Opportunity

New Deanery Briefing: 7:30 Wednesday 30 June

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Whether ordained or lay at some time or other it is likely that we will encounter someone who has recently been bereaved. But how prepared and equipped are we to support and minister to them at a time when someone needs it most.

It is at times of bereavement that support is needed and the church has a vital role in providing that support and ministry.

In this Deanery Briefing Yvonne Tulloch will explore the problems of bereavement support, and opportunities and ideas for the Church to provide spiritual, emotional and practical support.

A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s

View Video: A Vision for the Church of England 2020s

Thursday 25 March, 12 – 1pm

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members explore the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade.

This is the first in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to be a church that is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ – a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder.

Webinar panel

  • Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York
  • Emma Parker, Deputy Warden, Cranmer Hall, Durham
  • Sanjee Perera, Archbishops’ Adviser on Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
  • Christian Selvaratnam, Director of the St Hild Centre for Church Planting

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