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2024 DLC Residential Conference Booking Opens

RFSKBooking Opens for Diocesan Lay Chairs 2024 Residential Confenence

The DLC 2024 Residential Conference (for Diocesan Lay Chairs) at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine will start with coffee at 11:00 on Saturday 2nd March with the first session begining at 11:30 and finish with lunch on Sunday 3rd March.

Book here: DLC 2024 Residential Conference

For those wishing to travel and arrive on Friday and stay over night book the additional night here: DLC 2024 Residential Conference Friday B&B

NDN Situations Vacant

Opportunities with the National Deaneries Network

Due to retirements and job changes the NDN Steering Group are looking for people to join the group.

NDN Logo
We are currently looking to fill these roles:
  • Web content coordinator/writer/contributor
  • Social media manager and content producer
  • NDN subscriber network development and management
  • Event organisation and development
  • Secretary to the group

These are voluntary roles with help with out-of-pocket expenses. Ideally you should have expertise and practical experience of these roles together with a good knowledge and experience of deanery workings and the wider structures of the Church of England.

About the NDN

The NDN is an open network of people interested in and supporting the work of Deaneries.  Although not part of the formal structures of the Church of England the NDN has established it’s self as a key authoritative player working alongside the National Church.

Our members include Lay Chairs, Treasurers, Secretaries, Area/Rural Deans, Archdeacons and the odd Bishop. Currently there are around 1200 active subscribers to the Network, however, our reach is much beyond the subscribers. Our Deanery Briefings have attracted over 2000 delegates.

Membership of the NDN is free and gives access to our library of resources, including videos from previous conferences and briefings.  We are keen to resource Dioceses and the National Church in their work with Deaneries – and give Deaneries a voice on the national stage.

Could you take on one of these roles?

  • Have you a heart for the mission and ministry of the Deanery?
  • Could you make a difference to the influence of the NDN?
  • Could you help continue to embed the NDN in supporting our Deaneries in their mission and ministry?

To find out more about the work of the NDN, the roles, and the time commitment involved call Tug Wilson on 07785 334077 or email him at to arrange an informal discussion.

September Deanery Briefing: Booking opens

New opportunities to reach the missing younger generations

Growing the faith of our children and young people

With Lucy Moore, Head of the Growing Faith Foundation and Stephen Beamond, Programmes Lead in the Growing Faith Foundation

Ask any member of the church what we should be focusing on in our mission and you would hope to get a response that includes, “We want our children and young people to have faith in Jesus, to grow in that faith and help shape the Church.’

Over the years we have probably researched this aspect of our ministry to the point that what we don’t know is not worth knowing. We have had Children in the Way (1988); All God’s Children (1991) Youth Apart (1996) Growing for Growth (2010) and Rooted in the Church (2016) in addition to the Education Division setting out ten marks of a high performing Diocesan Board of Education. Church members often claim that all the resources are skewed towards the under-16s at the expense of older people.

  • So where are the children and young people?
  • Why do so many parishes not seem to mind that they have few or no younger church members?
  • And how can the church truly become a community for believers of all ages?

In this Deanery Briefing Lucy Moore and Stephen Beamond from the Growing Faith Foundation will outline the work of the Foundation and will suggest practical ways to help the Deanery play its part in supporting and equipping the missional work of the parish with children and young people.

July Deanery Briefing booking opens

Mental Health & wellbeing: resourcing churches, restoring communities

Deanery Briefing Logo

At a time when mental health and our wellbeing affects so many - whether ordained or lay -  the July Deanery Briefing will throw the spotlight on mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health and wellbeing concerns

Are you concerned or do you worry about:

  • Rising rates of mental health disorders (especially amongst young people)
  • The lack of mental health support available
  • The Church’s ability to respond?

Chris Cooke and Michèle Hampson,  two priests and former psychiatrists, will present a Christian perspective of mental health and wellbeing and then Ruth Rice and Corin Pilling will inspire you with ways you and your church might respond.

More Details: Mental health & wellbeing: resourcing churches, restoring communities


Ruth Rice and Wellbeng Cafes

Ruth Rice

Corin Pilling and Sanctuary Ministries

Corin Pilling

Tackling Modern Slavery

with Caroline Virgo Director of The Clewer Initiative 7:30pm Wednesday 1st February 2023

There are an estimated 136,000 victims in the UK. Modern Slavery comes in many forms and can be difficult to identify- it is present in every type of community and victims don’t fit into a simple stereotype.
  • Could you spot the signs of modern slavery?
  • Would you know what to do if you suspect someone is a victim of modern slavery?
  • What can Deaneries do about modern slavery?

In this Deanery Briefing Caroline Virgo Director of The Clewer Initiative will help Deaneries to consider:

  • What is modern slavery?
  • How might it be taking place in my local community?
  • How do you recognise, respond, record and refer concerns about modern slavery and exploitation?
  • What practical actions can Deaneries take against the issue?

The interactive Briefing will be led by Caroline Virgo using films and case studies which will lead to a greater understanding of the church’s interaction with potential victims.

The Clewer Initiative is the national work of the Church of England to combat modern slavery.

Find out more about the work of The Clewer Initiative via their website:

About Caroline Virgo

Caroline Virgo will be delivering the Deanery Briefing: The Deanery’s role in tackling Modern Slavery on Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Caroline is Director of The Clewer Initiative. A former barrister, she has been involved in faith based charities and the Church throughout her working life, both in the UK and abroad. Caroline founded the Bristol Debt Advice Centre (now Talking Money ) in 1990 and Hope’s Place ) in 2004.

Prior to joining The Clewer Initiative as a development officer in 2016 she worked for the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth for five years, first as an external consultant on the Curial Review Board and then as setting up several new initiatives for the incoming Bishop, culminating as Director of Development of Caritas Diocese of Portsmouth. Her interest in Modern Slavery began during her work with Caritas in 2014.

Deanery Briefing Details

Serving those who serve: The Clergy Support Trust

When our vicar or clergy colleagues are not firing on all four cylinders and their ministry begins to suffer, we all feel it. The health and well being of our clergy impacts all of us whether ordained or lay. We all have a role to play to help clergy keep on top of their game.

So how do we enable our clergy brothers and sisters have flourishing and thriving priesthoods?

Ben Cahill-Nicholls

In this Deanery Briefing Ben Cahill-Nicholls from the Clergy Support Trust - the largest and oldest charity serving Anglican ministers and their families – will outline how the trust can respond and support clergy and their families in times of difficulty when the going gets tough.

National Deaneries Conference 2023 – Deanery Briefing LIVE

Deaneries ; "simpler, humbler, bolder"
What part should Deaneries play?

The Deanery's role in:
Re-Imagining .....   Re-Focusing .....   Re-Connecting ..... Mission and Ministry

The direction is set:  we are aspiring to be Simpler …. Humbler …. and Bolder!

  • A simpler Church, both in governance and structure and in the way we live and share the gospel
  • A humbler Church, recognising our failings and working with others to serve the common good
  • A bolder Church energised and enthused by the good news of what God has done in Jesus Christ and sharing that with everyone.

How can the deaneries respond to the national agenda?

Deanery Briefing LIVE! - the first National Deaneries conference for over four years -

will bring together leaders and experts to tackle head on and delve in deeper with “how to” breakout sessions and workshops addressing key issues to respond to the challenge of the national agenda.

Dr Sarah Holmes

The Future of the Church

The Future of the Church? Rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families

with Dr Sarah Holmes
7:30pm Wednesday 28 September

A new report has revealed that many churches in the UK do not have a plan or strategy in place for reaching out to children and families.

The ‘Do we need a new plan for children’s ministry?' study has revealed that only two per cent of churches in the UK, Brazil, Canada and the US have a clear strategy for children’s and family ministry.

Dr. Sarah Holmes, lecturer at the Liverpool Hope University and co-author of the report, said the results of the research are “alarming”.

In this Deanery Briefing Dr Sarah Holmes will unpack some of the key findings of the study and suggest rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families with examples and changes in our approach to engaging with children and families.

Deanery Briefing Details: Here

About Dr Sarah Holmes

Dr Sarah Holmes

Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility?

Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility?

Download the PowerPoint Slides: (download)

Do we understand what safeguarding is really about, and how it is fundamental to wellbeing, and to a healthy ministry?  Churches try to do the right thing of course, appointing a Safeguarding Officer, and with PCC members and others trained and aware.  But is safeguarding seen as what it really is – everyone’s wellbeing?  In fact, shouldn’t we be focusing on fostering a culture of whole-church safeguarding, and of understanding that it is everyone’s responsibility?

In this Briefing Bishop Joanne, the Bishop of Stepney, leads us through a rethink in order to assure ourselves that we understand what safeguarding and wellbeing actually mean and that everyone is responsible. The webinar reflects on what makes a healthy ministry – lay, ordained, and collaborative.  Do we care enough about the wellbeing of everyone in the church community?  Do the clergy and the lay leaders need more guidance or support?

She looks at the importance and need to understand professional conduct, as well as the definitions of safeguarding, its growing importance to everyone, the need to understand what it means, and the lessons from historic legacy.  Sexuality, intimacy, spirituality are all parts of being human, and we must encompass that in our thinking – to be open and inclusive, but to be aware.

The Briefing reviews some examples of misconduct – how did it happen? how was it allowed to happen? was it hiding in plain sight? was it grooming of individuals or congregations?  We will consider examples of what happens when ministry goes wrong, when boundaries are transgressed or power abused.

Bishop Joanne reflects on Colossians – about being renewed, clothed with the new self, rooted and built up in Christ.

Join us to think through these issues and to reflect on what more your Deanery can or should do to ensure that the people of its member churches, ordained and lay, appreciate the need for a whole-church community culture of wellbeing for all.