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Bishop Martin Seeley and The changing shape of Ministry

The new Vision and Strategy is underway but the foundations are already clear: The Church of England must adapt and put its trust in God to become a simpler, humbler, bolder Church that is Jesus Christ centred and Jesus Christ shaped.

  • What will ministry look like in the future?
  • How will it need to adapt?
  • What will it mean for the way we select, train and develop ordained and lay ministers?

With the experiences and the lessons of lockdown, and the unprecedented nature of the last two years, Bishop Martin Seeley looks forward to the ways in which ministry - ordained and lay - is developing for the future.

This will be in the context of the general review of Church strategy being led by the Archbishop of York, of which Bishop Martin is part. Now Bishop of St Eds and Ips (comprising most of Suffolk), Martin is the lead on ministry for the Church, following his previous job as principal of Westcott House theological college and before that a vicar of the Isle of Dogs.

He is an old friend of NDN, having spoken at past conferences. When he was a parish priest in East London he led a review of his own Deanery. The review reflected his continuing belief in the benefits of working together in Deaneries and other groups.

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Liz Morgan and Rachel Roberts – Developing an effective online missional presence

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 22 September

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For many Deaneries and Parishes, the pandemic has meant getting to grips with all things digital and online.

  • Just what makes a successful online presence?
  • How to add a digital presence to enhance our mission and ministry?
  • How do we make use of the available resources and maintain the momentum?

That’s something the Church of England Digital Team have become quite good at. Last year alone one of the prime sites – A Church Near You – received 77 million page views, and the Christmas campaign was one of the most successful co-ordinated digial and print campaigns.

In this Deanery Briefing Rachel Roberts, Senior Digital Communications Manager and Liz Morgan, Church Digital Champion will look at some of the achievements from last year and introduce the 2021 Christmas Campaign and show how deaneries and parishes can make the most of the digital resources this Christmas and how the national team can support your local digital output through the Digital Labs sessions.

Jimmy Dale – Reaching New Generations

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 21 July

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In the last 5 years, the number of churches and parishes with 25 or more under 16s has decreased by 28% and the overall attendance of under 16s has decreased by 20%.

Generation Z (those 18 and under) are the first ever generation in England to be non-churched rather than unchurched.

They do not have the same cultural understanding and baggage in relation to church and what it means to be a Christian.

While this offers a huge missional opportunity, this same generation is exploring faith in new ways within a post Christian culture. We need more innovative and imaginative ways to reach young people.#

In this Deanery Briefing Jimmy Dale delve into how do we engage with todays young people and what works and what doesn't work?

Yvonne Tulloch: Bereavement Support – the Need and Opportunity

New Deanery Briefing: 7:30 Wednesday 30 June

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Whether ordained or lay at some time or other it is likely that we will encounter someone who has recently been bereaved. But how prepared and equipped are we to support and minister to them at a time when someone needs it most.

It is at times of bereavement that support is needed and the church has a vital role in providing that support and ministry.

In this Deanery Briefing Yvonne Tulloch will explore the problems of bereavement support, and opportunities and ideas for the Church to provide spiritual, emotional and practical support.

A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s

View Video: A Vision for the Church of England 2020s

Thursday 25 March, 12 – 1pm

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members explore the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade.

This is the first in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to be a church that is centred on Jesus Christ and shaped by Jesus Christ – a church that is simpler, humbler, bolder.

Webinar panel

  • Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York
  • Emma Parker, Deputy Warden, Cranmer Hall, Durham
  • Sanjee Perera, Archbishops’ Adviser on Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
  • Christian Selvaratnam, Director of the St Hild Centre for Church Planting

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New Deanery Briefing: Gearing up Lay Ministry

New Deanery Briefing: 7:30 Wednesday 17 March

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Currently there are around 8000 stipendiary clergy - that is less than 40% of all ordained ministers. In addition, a third of those who are ordained are in non-stipendiary or self-supporting roles and a similar number of clergy, whose average age is 75, have permission or are licenced to officiate.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will rely even more on an army of over 100,000 lay people involved in supporting our clergy in publicly recognised ministry and roles, as well as the tens of thousands more who are active in serving their communities.

  • How do we build on this solid foundation?
  • How do we inspire, recognise and support the ministries of this much needed growing body of Lay Ministers?
  • What is our vision for Lay Ministry?

Carrie Myers, the Lay Ministries Officer for the Church of England will lead this Deanery Briefing to explore how we in Deanery Leadership and similar roles can take a lead in developing and influencing this vision, enabling lay ministries to abound and flourish.

Deaneries in Action – Getting things done


The 2020 National Deaneries Conference – Deaneries in Action – is at the Hayes Conference Center, Swanwick from 9th – 11 October.

We’ve done with the talking …. Now is the time for action and getting things done!

With a focus on Social Justice and engaging with youth and young people the 2020 National Deaneries conference will provide practical advice and examples to enable Deaneries to step up to the challenge.

Deaneries are ideally placed with a key role respond to the call to action and spearhead, energise and resource Social Action and Youth Evangelism.

Are you up for the challenge?

Reserve your place at the 2020 National Deaneries Conference and gear up for action.

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