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  • Data for Deaneries

    The Church of England collects a huge array of information about its parishes, from attendance figures to census results. Bev Botting, Head of Research and Statistics told us that this information is most useful to the parishes themselves – who can use it to think about their own mission. She’s excited about the way good […]

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  • Faith in Research 2016

    Research & Statistics Department, Church House invite you to Faith in Research 2016 #FaithResearch2016 An annual conference giving opportunities to hear and discuss current research on the Church Wednesday 18th May 2016 at Novotel Hotel, Birmingham City Centre 9.30am to 5pm The 10th annual conference, chaired by Bishop David Walker, aims to present current results […]

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  • Deanery Lay Chairs Survey

    2013 Survey of Deanery Synod Lay Chairs Lay Chairs of Deaneries are busy, active, people, playing a positive role in the life of the Church. Our survey of lay chairs paints a picture of dynamic and productive Deaneries around the country, most of which take a lead in mission locally and provide a valuable source […]

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  • Best Practice in Deaneries

    Paul Towner’s sabbatical study into Deaneries during September and October 2013 enabled him to read a wide range of materials, many of which are not available on the web or in any library. So in this archive section he has put together the report he has written, entitled “Best Practice in Deaneries”, and includes links […]

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  • Rural Dean Survey

    This is a limited survey of rural deans who attended the Sixth National Conference on the Deanery and a smaller number of rural deans in the west of England to whom the survey form was given. There were thirty useable replies. Table 1   Mean Mode Median Max  Deanery meetings. excluding. Chapter & Synod. 2.1 3.0 […]

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