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2010: Developing Deaneries

Deaneries are often seen as a rather nebulous co-ordinating layer of church
management. Parishes generally know their mission and place in the
community. Diocesan Synod is the gateway to and from General Synod. But
what is the role of Deanery Synods? They have no legal status, so cannot
enter into contracts or employ staff directly, which is a hindrance to their
mission. At its summer meeting in 2010, the General Synod debated a
motion from Coventry Diocese aimed at strengthening the deanery’s role,
but after amendment to the motion the idea was passed to the Archbishops’
Council and the House of Bishops for ‘updated guidance on available
options’. This year’s biennial National Deaneries Conference, took up this
particular cudgel as “Developing Deaneries”.

Download the conference report: (download)

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