Resources for Download

  • Dr Sarah HolmesThe Future of the church? Rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families – Dr Sarah Holmes
    Downloads: Powerpoint Slides: Discussion Starter: [more…]
  • Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility?
    Safeguarding: everyone’s wellbeing, everyone’s responsibility? Download the PowerPoint Slides: Do we understand what safeguarding is really about, and how it is fundamental to wellbeing, and to a healthy ministry?  Churches try to do the right thing of course, appointing a Safeguarding Officer, and [more…]
  • Jimmy Dale: Video of Deanery Briefing
  • A vision for the Church of England in the 2020s
    View Video: A Vision for the Church of England 2020s Thursday 25 March, 12 – 1pm Archbishop Stephen Cottrell and panel members explore the emerging vision and strategic priorities for the Church for the next decade. This is the first in a series of webinars that will explore what it means to [more…]
  • Deanery Exchange Autumn 2013
    After over 35 years, this is the last printed Deanery Exchange. [more…]
  • The Role of the Rural/Area Dean
    Important reflections on how the role has been changing over the last two decades. [more…]
  • The Deanery in Synodical Government
    Synodical government needs good communication. This briefing offers ideas for how deanery synods can hear what is being discussed at General Synod etc, and how members need to report their own discussions to their parishes. [more…]
  • The Deanery as an employer (2)
    An update following the General Synod debate (2010) exploring the legal status of the deanery [more…]
  • The Deanery as an employer (1)
    A practical guide to employing people in the deanery [more…]
  • Setting the Deanery Synod Agenda
    The synod agenda constrains what a deanery can achieve. This briefing offers a fundamental reappraisal of how synods can fulfil their purpose. [more…]
  • Planning for Mission in the Deanery
    Planning for mission is a task frequently referred to the deanery. This briefing offers clues to how to tackle this important task. [more…]
  • Deanery Synod Members
    What every new Deanery Synod member needs to know [more…]
  • Deanery Projects
    Practical advice on how deaneries and local churches can plan and organise projects and social enterprises for the benefit of the wider community [more…]
  • Deanery Pastoral Committees
    Advice from an archdeacon on the workings of these important committees [more…]
  • Deanery Office Holders
    Notes on the role of the Lay Chair, the two synod secretaries (!), and the Deanery Treasurer [more…]
  • Associate Area Deans
    Exploring the notion that Area Deans should not act alone [more…]
  • Best Practice in Deaneries
    Paul Towner’s sabbatical study into Deaneries during September and October 2013 enabled him to read a wide range of materials, many of which are not available on the web or in any library. So in this archive section he has put together the report he has written, entitled “Best Practice in [more…]
  • Seeds for Change
    Resources for Groups, Meetings and Desicion-Making [more…]
  • The Arthur Rank Centre
    Resources for Rural Churches [more…]
  • A Deanery Development Facilitator
    2013: Read Beverley Hollins' account of her experience in this unique five-year appointment in a North Buckinghamshire deanery. Would your deanery benefit from a similar appointment? [more…]
  • Leadership in the Local Church
    2013: Subtitled "The Blessings of Powerlessness", this short paper by John Cole offers a provocative and Biblically-based assessment of the place of leadership when the Church takes seriously the whole-life ministry of the members of the local Christian community. [more…]
  • Choose Life
    This compendium of papers was produced by members of the Parish & People editorial team for the final Deanery Resource Unit mailing. Kingdom 119: Church 3 – getting things back into proportion Renewal from the Outside In – a review of our recent experience Baptised for Ministry in [more…]
  • A Communications Toolkit
    2012: The Salisbury Diocesan Communications Team provides this exciting new toolkit to help local churches to communicate effectively with those around them. [more…]
  • As others see us
    by Sue Rodd - 2012: A study reveals a huge communications gap between the residents and their churches in a Wiltshire Village. How would your church fare in your local community? [more…]
  • Thirsty for God
    by John Cole - 2012: Where do you - and others - find spiritual wells? Examine evidence that challenges our conventional thinking about ministry, mission and congregational life. [more…]
  • A Communications Toolkit
    2012: The Salisbury Diocesan Communications Team provides this exciting new toolkit to help local churches to communicate effectively with those around them. [more…]
  • Escaping the Rack?
    SPRING 2012 Faithful discipleship involves living a fully rounded life.Is it time for each of us to take stock? [more…]
  • Chinese Christian wisdom!
    AUTUMN 2012 As the Church of England struggles to reach a common mind about ordaining women as bishops – and much else! - can we listen to wise words from Chinese Christians? [more…]
  • Mini-Guide: Leading Intercessions
    Practical advice for those asked to lead intercessions [more…]
  • When the Incumbent Leaves
    Checklists and challenges for churchwardens and the PCC [more…]
  • Communal Ministry: Towards the Ministry of All
    by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown - 2011: For too long the Church of England has focused on the accredited ministries of individuals - the ordination of women, collaboration between clergy and lay, etc. Have we missed a deeper truth that ministry is a function of the whole Christian community? [more…]
  • Two Sorts of Christian?
    AUTUMN 2010: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, which of these excites you more? - The truths that the Holy Spirit has already revealed, or the truth into which the Holy Spirit has yet to lead us? [more…]
  • Women Bishops?
    SPRING 2011: How can the Church of England have women as bishops and still maintain 'two integrities'? The issues are complex. Where do you stand? [more…]
  • Communion or Covenant?
    AUTUMN 2011: Is the proposed "Anglican Covenant" really the best way of holding the Anglican Communion together? [more…]
  • Visitations
    A churchwarden's guide, compiled by Archdeacon John Cox [more…]
  • Mini-Guide: Reading the Bible in Church
    Practical advice for those asked to read during worship [more…]
  • Charity Registration for Parishes
    Peter Smith, from Lincoln's Inn, explains the changes in the Charities Act 2006 and how they affect PCCs. [more…]
  • Chairing a Meeting
    Good advice from a former national President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants [more…]
  • “I am a Churchgoer … Get me out of here!!”
    by John Cole - first published Spring 2011: This light-hearted quiz for church groups prompts deeper questions about the journey local churches and church people must take as they are renewed as servants of God's mission. [more…]
  • Good Listening
    The Lifeblood of a Creative Learning Community by Paul and Jenny Rolph - 2011: For this practical guide, originally written for Church of England deaneries, Jenny and Paul bring their rich experience as counsellors and teacher trainers. Their insights are applicable to any group of Christ's disciples - or, indeed, anywhere where human beings want to develop true community. [more…]
  • Caring for the Unemployed – what can YOU do?
    by Raymond Draper - 2010: The Bishop of Chelmsford's Unemployment Adviser explores the role of local churches in support of those facing unemployment. [more…]
  • Studying the Bible together
    with contributions by Professor Keith Ward and others - 2010: Studying the Bible together provides a fruitful context where Christian communities from different traditions can learn to listen to each other and to God. This booklet establishes some important first principles for how the study should be done. [more…]
  • Discerning the Mind of the Community
    by John Cole - 2010: When Christian communities take counsel together, the aim should never be to win majority support for one group's point of view at the expense of the rest. Instead the task is to seek God's wisdom wherever it may be found. Originally written for Church of England deaneries, these principles can be applied anywhere! [more…]
  • Deaneries and Circuits
    by John Cole – 2009: Anglican Deaneries and Methodist Circuits have different roles and often seem to inhabit parallel universes - but they can be partners in mission. This important booklet shows how. [more…]
  • Sharing Local Ministry
    by Beren Hartless - 2009: A 21st century vision of the disciplines and shifts of perspective that are needed to enable the whole people of God, ordained or lay, to engage together in God's ministry. [more…]
  • Can Change be made to last?
    AUTUMN 2009: Local Shared Ministry requires a culture shift. Otherwise it will be just a passing fashion. How can lay people set the pace? [more…]
  • The Nature of Church
    This four-session study guide for lay and ordained was written by Beverley Hollins for use with small groups in the North Buckinghamshire deanery where she was Deanery Development Facilitator. It was first offered for download on the Oxford Diocesan web site. [more…]
  • Does the C of E really value the Bible?
    by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown – 2009: A report based on letters to Church Times from the former Provost of Southwark, the Very Revd David Edwards, in which he calls for a new commitment to study the Bible as a way of enabling the Church of England’s different traditions to learn to listen to each other. [more…]
  • Celebrating the Ministry of All
    by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown – 2009: Suggestions for worship and Bible study that celebrate lay people and clergy working together for the sake of God's Kingdom in the world. [more…]
  • Church without Price?
    by John Cole - 2008: Does a re-discovery of the meaning of God's covenant love give the local Christian community a new relevance in a consumer society that is losing its way? [more…]
  • Local Preachers and Readers
    by John Cole – 2008: Methodist Local Preachers and Anglican Licensed Readers share similar skills, but their roles are subtly different. Yet they can in many ways share their distinctive ministries. This important booklet shows how. [more…]
  • Training for Deanery Lay Chairs
    Robin Brown (2007) describes a pilot workshop for the induction and training of Deanery lay Chairs [more…]
  • Leadership and Vision
    y Jimmy Hamilton-Brown - 2004: An exploration of how the role of parish clergy is changing and must continue to change as lay people are set free to fulfil their baptismal vocation. [more…]
  • Psalms of Life – Creation
    by John Hammersley: John wrote his Psalms of Life over many years during his long priestly ministry, exploring contemporary themes in the style of the Biblical Psalms. This booklet contains his psalms on the theme of Creation. They have been set out for liturgical use. [more…]
  • A New Way of Working
    A presentation by John Holbrook of the prospects and challenges of deploying stipendiary ministry in Deddington Deanery (Oxford Diocese) in 2000 - with introduction by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown and a comment and challenge from the Bishop of Dorchester. [more…]
  • A Look at Rural Deans and Deaneries
    Bob Britton's analysis of his 1995 survey, which revealed widespread uncertainty about the role of the deanery and its Rural/Area Dean. How far have times changed? [more…]
  • Working together in Teams and Groups
    by John Hammersley (1989) [more…]

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