Deanery Briefing

These are unprecedented times. Not since the end of the second world war have we faced such challenging times.

The Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and the resulting lockdown meant we have had to change much of the way we have carried out our mission and ministry.

But we are nothing if not resourceful.

Many of our parishes and deaneries have risen to the challenge and found ways to continue their ministry. For many of them their creative approaches have reached more in the communities they serve and touched folk far beyond their parish or deanery enabling them to establish innovative mission approaches and relationships.

In the post Covid-19 era we are faced with new opportunities and challenges:

  • How do we build on these relationships and what is that we can offer to make the most of these new opportunities?
  • What can we do to nurture these new contacts and continue to serve and minister to our existing church communities?

NDN Deanery Briefings

To support parishes and deaneries in preparing to meet these new challenges the National Deaneries Network is hosting a series of briefings focusing on key issues that affect our response to the mission and ministry in the days and months ahead.

The briefings will focus on planning financially and how we use our national resources as we move forward; followed by looking strategically at the shape of the church and our ministry post lockdown and then theological thinking to underpin where we are at.

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