The National Deaneries Network

Supporting Deaneries in Mission


2021: TBA
17th National Deanery Conference 
2020: Cancelled due to COVID-19
2018: Living Deaneries
16th National Deanery Conference 
2016: More for Less
15th National Deanery Conference 
2014: Mission and Mystery
14th National Deanery Conference 
2012: The Shape of Things to come
13th National Deanery Conference
Summary Report, Study Notes and Conference resources
2004: Releasing the Energy
The Ninth National Deanery Conference
2002: Like it or Lump It – Facing the Reality of The Emerging Church
The Eighth National Deanery Conference  
2000: The Deanery: Catching the Vision
The Seventh National Deanery Conference
1998: A Bridge thus Far
The Sixth National Deanery Conference
1998 National Deaneries Conference
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