Yvonne Tulloch: Bereavement Support – the Need and Opportunity

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Deanery Briefing: 7.30pm Wednesday 30 June 2021

Whether ordained or lay at some time or other it is likely that we will encounter someone who has recently been bereaved. But how prepared and equipped are we to support and minister to them at a time when someone needs it most.

When bereavement happens, whether sudden or expected due to illness, most people experience being upset or distressed in varying degrees when someone close to them has died. What takes many people by surprise is how strong the emotions can be, how they can change very quickly, and how long they last.

Revd Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch

It is at times of bereavement that support is needed and the church has a vital role in providing that support and ministry.

Ordained or lay we have a part to play …..

  • Whether we’ve been “doing” funerals for years,
  • Considering or just starting out in bereavement ministry or
  • As part of our Christian care for someone who has been bereaved

…. there is always a need to be better prepared.

In this Deanery Briefing Yvonne Tulloch will explore the need for bereavement support, and opportunities and ideas for the Church to provide spiritual, emotional and practical support.

Revd Canon Yvonne Richmond Tulloch

Yvonne was Canon for Mission at Coventry Cathedral when she was suddenly widowed in 2008.  Since then, she has focused her attention on ensuring bereaved people find the support that they need.  She is founder and CEO of AtaLoss.org - the UK's bereavement signposting website, Project Leader of Loss and HOPE (equipping churches in bereavement support), leader of Holy Trinity Brompton's The Bereavement Journey and author of 'Faith Questions in Bereavement'.

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