The Future of the church? Rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families

Deanery Briefing with Dr Sarah Holmes

When it comes to church growth ask anyone what should we be focusing our energies on and the answer will be reaching children and their families. However, a new report has revealed that many churches in the UK do not have a plan or strategy in place for reaching out to children and families.
Dr Sarah Holmes

The ‘Do we need a new plan for children’s ministry?' study has revealed that only two per cent of churches in the UK, Brazil, Canada and the US have a clear strategy for children’s and family ministry. Dr. Sarah Holmes, lecturer at the Liverpool Hope University and co-author of the report, said the results of the research are “alarming”.

  • How effective are your efforts to engage with children and families?
  • Does your deanery/church have a plan for reaching children?
  • Are your children's ministry models 'stuck' and outdated?
  • Is your deanery/church able to reflect and change?

In this Deanery Briefing Dr Sarah Holmes will unpack the key findings of the study and suggest rethinking the framework of ministry amongst families with examples and changes in our approach to engaging with children and families.

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