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Seeds for Change


Seeds for Change – activists providing support and training to activists, campaigners, community groups and co-operatives.

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We’re a network of independent activist training co-ops providingtraining and workshops on group and campaign skills. We support people who want to make our world a better and more sustainable place.

Have a look at our guides and briefings which have lots of practical skills and ideas to make your meetings run smoothly and painlessly, not to mention making your campaign or project a success! We cover topics like consensus decision making, facilitating meetings, how to win your campaign, publicity, and taking action. All our materials are free.

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Here’s just some of the workshops we can offer – if you want something that’s not on this list then ask us – we may be able to help, or know someone who can.

  • Consensus Decision Making and Facilitation – make your meetings inclusive, creative and effective.
  • Campaign and action skills, work out a strategy for your campaign.
  • Co-ops – help in setting up your co-op, work out how to work together, choose a structure, work out your business idea.
  • Training for trainers – how to plan and run your own great workshops.

Workshops for unfunded grassroots groups are usually free, so give us a shout if you think we could help your group, or you want to offer your facilitation or training skills!