New Deanery Briefing: Gearing up Lay Ministry

New Deanery Briefing: 7:30 Wednesday 17 March

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Currently there are around 8000 stipendiary clergy - that is less than 40% of all ordained ministers. In addition, a third of those who are ordained are in non-stipendiary or self-supporting roles and a similar number of clergy, whose average age is 75, have permission or are licenced to officiate.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we will rely even more on an army of over 100,000 lay people involved in supporting our clergy in publicly recognised ministry and roles, as well as the tens of thousands more who are active in serving their communities.

  • How do we build on this solid foundation?
  • How do we inspire, recognise and support the ministries of this much needed growing body of Lay Ministers?
  • What is our vision for Lay Ministry?

Carrie Myers, the Lay Ministries Officer for the Church of England will lead this Deanery Briefing to explore how we in Deanery Leadership and similar roles can take a lead in developing and influencing this vision, enabling lay ministries to abound and flourish.