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Jimmy Dale – Reaching New Generations

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 21 July

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In the last 5 years, the number of churches and parishes with 25 or more under 16s has decreased by 28% and the overall attendance of under 16s has decreased by 20%.

Generation Z (those 18 and under) are the first ever generation in England to be non-churched rather than unchurched.

They do not have the same cultural understanding and baggage in relation to church and what it means to be a Christian.

While this offers a huge missional opportunity, this same generation is exploring faith in new ways within a post Christian culture. We need more innovative and imaginative ways to reach young people.#

In this Deanery Briefing Jimmy Dale delve into how do we engage with todays young people and what works and what doesn’t work?