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Resources for Deaneries

Best Practice in Deaneries

imagePaul Towner’s sabbatical study into Deaneries during September and October 2013 enabled him to read a wide range of materials, many of which are not available on the web or in any library. So in this archive section he has put together the report he has written, entitled “Best Practice in Deaneries”, and includes links to 19 other documents that are connected with the subject.

Paul writes, “If you only read one of these I strongly recommend a General Synod paper (GSMisc639) “Good Practice in Deaneries”, which was published about 2000, and gives a very good introduction to the topics.”

For more, see the web site of St Peter and St James in Hereford…

Seeds for Change


Seeds for Change – activists providing support and training to activists, campaigners, community groups and co-operatives.

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We’re a network of independent activist training co-ops providingtraining and workshops on group and campaign skills. We support people who want to make our world a better and more sustainable place.

Have a look at our guides and briefings which have lots of practical skills and ideas to make your meetings run smoothly and painlessly, not to mention making your campaign or project a success! We cover topics like consensus decision making, facilitating meetings, how to win your campaign, publicity, and taking action. All our materials are free.

picture of lots of briefings

Here’s just some of the workshops we can offer – if you want something that’s not on this list then ask us – we may be able to help, or know someone who can.

  • Consensus Decision Making and Facilitation – make your meetings inclusive, creative and effective.
  • Campaign and action skills, work out a strategy for your campaign.
  • Co-ops – help in setting up your co-op, work out how to work together, choose a structure, work out your business idea.
  • Training for trainers – how to plan and run your own great workshops.

Workshops for unfunded grassroots groups are usually free, so give us a shout if you think we could help your group, or you want to offer your facilitation or training skills!


The Arthur Rank Centre


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The Arthur Rank Centre provides resources for rural churches.


The ARC is an ecumenical Christian charity founded in 1972 to be a focus and resource for the work of churches in rural areas. The ARC leads the Christian churches in their efforts to improve the quality of life of those living and working in rural communities.

We provide hundreds of resources for rural churches , including a comprehensive resource for those involved in Multi-church Ministry. We also run specialist training, such as our popular Rural Ministry Course and CLiRC (Creative Leadership in the Rural Church).

Germinate! is our major day conference on rural church mission and ministry for lay people, clergy and regional church leaders; and the ARC is the hub for the church network of Rural Officers and Agricultural Chaplains