Deanery Briefing LIVE – provisional programme

National Deaneries Conference 19 - 21 May 2023

"Simpler, Humbler, Bolder" - what part should Deaneries play?
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Vision & Strategy for the Church of England
Simpler, Humbler, Bolder: For a Deanery what working collaboratively can look like

Rt Revd Rachel Treweek
Bishop of Gloucester

Setting the Scene - making Simpler, Humbler, Bolder a reality
What Deaneries need to consider; opportunities and implications for the Deanery



Rt Revd Martin Seeley
Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
2023 Episcopal Conference Consultant

Simper, Humbler, Bolder: Deanery Leadership
What leading the deanery looks like



Ven Paul Thomas
Archdeacon of Salop

Simper, Humbler, Bolder: Resourcing Parishes
Deaneries taking a positive role


Ven Adam Atkinson
Archdeacon of Charing Cross

Simper, Humbler, Bolder: Building Relationships
The fundamental importance of engaging with the community


Alison Webser
Citizen UK .... (TBC)

Nurturing Young Families
Developing a new approach for Families and Children's Ministry


Dr Sarah Holmes
Liverpool Hope University

Saving the Parish
How we do that and what follows; can Deaneries take a lead; if so, how and what action needed


Revd Canon Alison Milbank (TBC)

Simpler, Humbler, Bolder: Exploring the practicalities of online ministry
A look at how and a chance to get hands-on


Tug Wilson & Tim Norwood
NDN Comms Team

Plus interactive practical workshops