Liz Morgan and Rachel Roberts – Developing an effective online missional presence

New Deaney Briefing: 7:30
Wednesday 22 September

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For many Deaneries and Parishes, the pandemic has meant getting to grips with all things digital and online.

  • Just what makes a successful online presence?
  • How to add a digital presence to enhance our mission and ministry?
  • How do we make use of the available resources and maintain the momentum?

That’s something the Church of England Digital Team have become quite good at. Last year alone one of the prime sites – A Church Near You – received 77 million page views, and the Christmas campaign was one of the most successful co-ordinated digial and print campaigns.

In this Deanery Briefing Rachel Roberts, Senior Digital Communications Manager and Liz Morgan, Church Digital Champion will look at some of the achievements from last year and introduce the 2021 Christmas Campaign and show how deaneries and parishes can make the most of the digital resources this Christmas and how the national team can support your local digital output through the Digital Labs sessions.

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