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Deaneries’ Celebration Service

The Area Deans and Lay Deans of the 21 Deaneries making up the Diocese of York will be anointed by Archbishop Sentamu during a service celebrating the renewed life of our Deaneries in York Minster at 5.15pm on the 23rd September.

All Deanery Synod members are invited to the service which celebrates the new vision adopted for every Deanery this year; to be “a local network of churches, inspiring, influencing and leading mission and ministry,” committed to enabling mission, resourcing ministry and supporting relationships.

The Archbishop will preside and preach at the service, which will be a celebration of what God is doing amongst us, to commission all Synod members including those who make up the Deanery Leadership Teams, for the work ahead and specifically to anoint the Lay and Area Deans as they embrace their new roles.

“There’s a sense of hope and expectation that is growing for the new direction which our deaneries are taking,” says Andy Broom, Archdeacon of the East Riding and Chair of ‘Developing our Deaneries’.

“We recognise that God is at work amongst us in new ways and we wish to celebrate this. I hope that all members of Deanery Synods can join us for this special occasion as we mark this new Chapter in the life of our deaneries.”

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Emma Buchan

Emma Buchan is the Archbishops’ Evangelism Task Group Project leader. The Task Group was set up at the instigation of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York to enable culture change in the Church of England around Evangelism and Witness. 
She has been at the forefront of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ the invitation for a great wave of prayer for the evangelisation of our nation during the week leading up to Pentecost 2016.

Emma is married with two children. Her husband is a Rural Dean so is familiar with the opportunities and stresses of life at the sharp end in a deanery.


Newsletter after the Conference

This year’s conference was an exciting event! We hope you enjoyed it, and found it helpful. There was a great deal of energy around and a lot of interesting conversations.

We’re already starting to review the 2016 conference and think ahead to 2018. We would appreciate your feedback, so do take five minutes to fill in our very brief survey: Click Here


We are still gathering all of the powerpoints and handouts from the speakers. Many are available already, so please check the website for videos, slides and notes.

These will keep appearing as more is sent to us, so please visit again in a week or so…

Feel free to share the links with colleagues in your deaneries. We have tried to make this easy to do, by posting material on the website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The links for these can be found below…

Help us tell the story

We know that many people found the weekend helpful and will be writing reports for their dioceses, archdeaconries, deaneries, and parishes. If you are one of these people, please send your report in so we can use it on the NDN website. We would really appreciate your reflections, and it will help us to tell the story of the conference…

I was able to speak to a few people at the conference about our desire to build the network up so that it’s not just an event every two years. We would like to make it possible for people to share ideas, news and stories throughout the year. To do this, we need your input, so if you have anything that you could share, please send it in. Just email your news to us

It would be great if you could also encourage others to join the National Deaneries Network. People can sign up by following this

We hope to send regular emails keeping you up to date on the work of the Network. You can help by sending us news or stories from your area. Please contact us by email or Facebook.

The Next Conference…

The next conference has already been booked for the Hayes Conference Centre between 5th and 7th October 2018. We aren’t taking bookings yet, but you may wish to put it in your diary…

The Organising Group

The Organising Group will be meeting again in December. If you have any ideas for things that we should do or discuss, please drop us a line.

Renewal and Reform

(Audio only)

John Spence introduced the theme of Renewal and Reform (website). This emerged from a realisation that the Church of England was no-longer representing the whole of the nation, and that dioceses wanted to focus on growth – but didn’t have a strategy.

A key issue is maintaining the number of clergy, while releasing the talents of lay people. This means that we need a 50% increase in the pace of ordinations.

It was clear that the formula for distributing funds had lost its relevance. It rewarded failure. Fifty Million of funds can now be distributed to poorer parishes and to strategic development funding.

John payed tribute to deaneries, and to the commitment of people working across diverse areas.

The term “growth” is an issue. It must be used in a way that is relevant in diverse areas.

There is a report coming which will say something about the empowerment of all God’s people.

Update from Shared Ministry Network

May 2016


Following a recent meeting of the Steering Group, we are pleased to report that plans for our next conference are already taking shape. The Steering Group continues to be small in size (recently increased to 4 members with the co-option of Revd Canon Linda Church onto the group), and would greatly benefit from someone with IT skills to help develop the website. We are actively trying to resolve this, but any offers would be greatly appreciated.


We are planning our next conference for the second half of 2017 – final date yet to be confirmed. Drawing on your very helpful suggestions and feedback, we plan to retain, in broad terms, the format and processes used in the last conference. These enabled a deep level of participation and shared learning through group discussion, and helped to inspire and equip us in the practice of missionshaped collaborative ministry. The theme for our next conference is likely to be along the lines of growing disciples through team work, which we hope, given the national church’s emphasis on collaborative ministry and team working, will attract wide interest. We are currently approaching potential speakers/companions and investigating a possible new venue for the conference.


Members of the network may be interested in a new book published earlier this year: “Sharing God’s Blessing: How to renew the local church”, written by Robin Greenwood, an advocate of shared ministry over many years. Research-based at the same time as being a practical resource, the book aims to enable local churches to regain a sense of confidence through exploring God’s blessing and how that can be shared with local churches through group conversations. See: or see the Youtube clip: .

Please remember the Steering Group in your prayers as we seek to discern, through our networking, website and conference planning, how best to resource and inspire dioceses, parishes and people in re-imagining, theologically and practically, mission-shaped collaborative ministry for the challenges of the 21st century.

Penny Evans On behalf of the SM Network

Steering Group: Revd Rob Daborn, Diocese of Lichfield Mrs Penny Evans, Reader & Local Ministry Development Adviser, Diocese of Hereford Mrs Mandy Stanton, Reader & Lay Ministry Development Officer, Diocese of Blackburn Co-opted member: Revd Canon Linda Church, Director of Ministry, Diocese of Ely Treasurer/Conference Administrator: Revd Dr Colin McCarty SSM, Bishop’s Officer for SSMs,, Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich

Data for Deaneries

The Church of England collects a huge array of information about its parishes, from attendance figures to census results. Bev Botting, Head of Research and Statistics told us that this information is most useful to the parishes themselves – who can use it to think about their own mission. She’s excited about the way good data can help local churches identify key opportunities and challenges – and respond with new projects.

Her team have been producing “Parish Spotlights” over the past couple of years, which give a brief summary of significant information for local churches.

She told us about one parish in which the local vicar discovered, to his surprise, that there were many single mothers. He set up a new mums and toddlers group which met a need he hadn’t even known was there! It was only thanks to the statistics from Parish Spotlights that he even knew there was a problem!

Bev Botting and her colleague, Charlotte Aughey, met the NDN Steering Group in May. The discussion focussed on how the Church of England can serve the needs of deaneries in their Mission Action Planning. What information do deaneries need, and how should this be presented?

The group will be meeting with them again in July to look at real examples and discuss ways forward with this. If you have any thoughts and ideas, please contact us in the usual way. In the meantime, the existing data can be found at: Church of England Web Site Statistics